Tim & Toni Kistler have styled hair side by side for the past 30 years and have been married 27 of those years. 

The Kistlers' opened their current downtown Orange, Calif location in May of 1991.

Both were destined to carry on a tradition established years earlier. Tim's Dad, Daryl, entered the hair business in 1960. Tim's Uncle John later joined the business. Today Tim's Niece Meghan is carrying on the Warren, Ohio tradition.

Toni's Aunt Rita was an award winning hairdresser in Pasadena, Calif with 50 years in the beauty profession. Toni's nieces, Jasmine, Melissa and Debbie carry on the tradition in the South Bend, Indiana area.

 November of 1993 the Kistlers' expanded directly behind them in Old Town Orange, CA by adding the Hair & Nail Mall with 5 stylists, 2 nail technicians. The  entire team has years of experience and extensive training in precision hair cutting, custom coloring and perms.

The Kistlers' have often said a visit to their salon is as if you had come to their home.  You will always find a pot of fresh coffee, cookies, a large assortment of soft drinks and lots of good conversation.